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Revival Of God's Love

You may ask 'What is this revival of God's love?', Where did this come from, is this a church program? Who is it for? Where is it headed? Here are the answers:

April 22nd 2023 God performed a 7 minute miracle of grace that brought with it a deeper paradigm of God's love. So transformative that it really is a new paradigm. The first disciples of Jesus knew this experience and so can we! For many Christians the 'Christianeze' symbolic language in the Bible is very obscure; so much that if asked to explain even keywords in plain English most would struggle. This paradigm clarifies in plain English this veiled speech. Both pastor Jeremy and I have, since April 2023, had such a change in our experience with God that this message is the focus of our lives. We thrill to see so many verses, quotes and songs differently; totally centered in God's incredible love!  For example the song 'In His Time' is transformed to 'In Your Love'! This is not an organized church program we are following, this is a revival!

This message is for everyone, yet more specifically those who have recognized they have a head knowledge of truth, but lack that 1st century experience of joy in God's love, of Jesus presence, of great peace. This is for you if you know you are broken, lonely, powerless in temptation, need to fulfill the purpose you believe God has given you, yet are not there. If you long for a church wide, worldwide revival, like the one following the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost this is for you.

To start with we are reviewing the basic Christian fundamental beliefs, but from such a perspective of God's love that it may be barely recognizable! For far too long many have been holding to certain biblical beliefs in only their mind. Power and joy cannot be found without our hearts centered in God's love! Each teaching should be presented so you will be drawn by God's love.  After all the whole conflict between good and evil is about God's love!

So what is it, this revival? It is the final revealing of God's love in the clearest manner possible in each teaching to the whole world Rev 18:1, the last revival of God's love to the world!

"Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ." 2 Thess 3:5


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